Classes I've contributed to.

Spring 2022 - Fall 2023

No teaching during this period, besides mentoring in the lab. I’ll resume more formal teaching training after my preliminary exam.

Fall 2021

Introductory Biology (7.015)

I was one of three TAs for an introductory biology course, where I was in charge of one of three recitation sections that met twice-per-week.

I really enjoyed designing content for my recitations and leading discussions. While we were given papers and problems to discuss during recitations, the course instructor (Dr. Moni Avello) was fantastic about giving TAs lots of autonomy over recitation sections, and helping us learn to write good pset and exam questions.

I thrive on positive feedback and was happy have high evaluations for this course. You can find my full course evaluation here. Four students left comments:

  • Student 2655 - Extremely thoughtful and supportive. Super positive learning experience!
  • Student 15451 - I found these recitations to be incredibly helpful. He always made sure we were prepared for psets and exams and was always willing to answer questions.
  • Student 28946 - Wonderful teacher, did a great job of explaining questions and telling us what we needed to knwo to perform well in the class.
  • Student 47110 - Thanks for being an awesome TA - you carried me through this class and were super helping in answering all of my questions.

Our TA training coordinator, Dr. Summer Morill, recorded one of my recitation sessions to use for future TA training. There are three parts of the recitation, which I’ve uploaded as unlisted youtube videos here:

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

No teaching during this period while completed PhD coursework and rotations.

Summer 2020

Molecular Biology: DNA Replication & Repair (7.28.1x-7.28.3x)

This was an online, community TA position for MITxbio. I had a great time teaching (and learning among) students from all over the world in the discussion forums.

Spring 2020

Bioinformatics Computational Methods 2 (BINF6309)

This was a TA position for a core graduate bioinformatics class. I managed the online materials (deploying through GitHub and GitBook) and wrote a few dozen pages of materials about basic bioinformatics algorithms. I was also invited to give a guest lecture on clustering and distance metrics (unexpectedly, my lecture was the last in-person lecture before we went virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Fall 2019

Bioinformatics Computational Methods 1 (BINF6308)

This was a TA position for a core graduate bioinformatics class. I helped Dr. Chuck Roesel transition the curriculum onto a online textbook hosted on GitBook.

Spring 2017-Summer 2019

No teaching during this period while I focused on my undergraduate thesis in the Apfeld Lab.

Fall 2016

Laboratory for Genetics and Molecular Biology (BIOL2302, Northeastern University)

This was a curriculum development project. I wrote some modules with background, exercises, etc. for Northeastern’s undergraduate genetics lab.

Summer 2016

Techniques in Biology (BIOL2309, Northeastern University)

This was a teaching-assistant (TA) position for a small (~12) laboratory course. I think the course is now called Biology Project Laboratory. It was super practical, teaching to pipette, do PCR, etc. I also got to help students develop independent mini-projects.

Spring 2016

Laboratory for General Chemistry I (CHEM 1217, Northeastern University)

This was a curriculum development project. It was a lot of fun, I was part of a small team that re-developed our introductory chemistry lab to be project-oriented and incorporate elements from research being conducted on-campus.